Green light to new residential development in Saint-Petersburg

Green light to new residential development in Saint-Petersburg

In the middle of the February TEAM has completed the work on Due Diligence for the major foreign customer. Throughout the project Team fulfilled analysis of significant amount of documentation on construction project of the residential estate in Saint-Petersburg and the integrated urban development with the total area about 200 ha.

Evgeniy Mironov, Chairman of the Board:

«This work is extremely important for TEAM and also for our city. For many years we helped businessmen to open up new opportunities and implement projects, get and do investments. Traditionally our services were focused on Russian and European clients. Despite the difficult economic and geopolitical climate in the world as well as “cold” period for whole construction market in St.-Petersburg, we are facing the new international investments are appeared in the city, or like in our case, the ongoing project continues in full accordance with settled plans.».

The work on Due Diligence was fulfilled for purposes of legal acceptance of new residential estate construction, an area between Geroev prospect and the Gulf of Finland. The customer confirmed its satisfy with the executed work. Also ZAO “Baltijskaya Zhemchuzhina” (Baltic Pearl) and TEAM were glad to establish cooperation in the course of legal and development documentation audit of the project.