Services for reporting under the international standards

Our customers use the opportunity to receive regular information about the company's financial activities, including through:

  • weekly \ monthly \ quarterly cash flow reports and directions of expenditure of funds;
  • Monthly \ quarterly accounting reports with calculation of assets (balance), and the financial result (profit or loss) for the certain period.

Regular special reports arising from the specific customer's business, including reports on implementation of projects, sales plans, distribution of staff costs, etc., TEAM ready to configure accounting with the methods which allow to apply approved or just convenient for the client reporting forms, and also offer their own solutions in this sphere. Our forms of group accounting for foreign and subsidiary companies provides the information in English, Russian, and if necessary - in Finnish and other European languages adopted in the customer's organization.

Please contact our specialist Gostugev Pavel by 7(812) 336-48-52.Thank you.

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