TEAM supported the World Championship among fans

TEAM supported the World Championship among fans

As you know, the World Championship in ice hockey was help in Saint-Petersburg at the beginning of May.

At the same time as the main event the first prize drawing in World Championship among fans took place in the Palace of sport on Butlerova str. 36. from 6-th till 9-th of May

World Championship among fans was organized by Russian National Fun Club “Russia Unites” with support from Sport Committee of Saint-Petersburg Administration and Consulting group TEAM.

Edward Latypov, board member of TEAM, President of Russian National Fun Club “Russia Unites”:

“World Cup in ice hockey which was taken place in our city is a unique event, drawing attention to itself of sport fans all over the world. For many years Russia Unites has a tradition of friendly games and even some small international events among football fans. Now we spread this tradition to hockey tournament. Participants of this tournament are active sportsmen, who came to the Hockey World Championship in Saint-Petersburg and those who prefer not only to watch competition, but also to participate in them.”

8 teams united more than 150 sportsmen from Spain, Finland, Estonia, Belarus, Tatarstan, Saint-Petersburg and the region.

Viktor Mironov, managing director of TEAM:

“Tournament participants are people from different countries and areas: businessmen, authorities, top managers and executive officers. Besides the sport they are interested in their business development, establishment of new communication and opening new opportunities. This event also a good possibility for products and services promotion for our clients and partners: suppliers of sports equipment, water, sport and energetic nutrition. TEAM as a co-organizer and official tournament’s consultant always glad to open up new opportunities to our clients. We try to make such events regular. At the end of May third international amateur tournament in football will be held in Peterhof.”

Apart from ice battles participants could visit games of “main” World Championship, supporting their national teams. They also took part in “International fans games” on the official fan-zone of World Championship on Konyushennaya square in Saint-Petersburg. Tournament’s winner was defined on the Victory Day (9th of May) in a final competition were National Team of Belorussia gained an advantage on the Estonian Team. Rewarding the winners was organized on an official fan-zone of World Championship in the presence of more than 5000 spectators.

For reference only:

ussian National Fun Club“Russia Unites” is an independent association of fans, united with unique philosophy “This is my country! This is my team!” which creates a tradition to support Russian national team. It conduce the promotion of Russia and Russian sport inside and outside the country. Since 2013 there were held a lot of successful events, awaked an interest and response: organization of the “Fans’ House” on the large-scale competitions, which includes Winter Games in Sochi and Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk, promotional action “Boot of Luck” before football games of Russian national team, “Hockey corner”, independent mascot’s contest for Ice Hockey World Championship 2016.