TEAM took part in the development of the concept of yachting

TEAM took part in the development of the concept of yachting

At the end of 2018, the Committee for tourism of St. Petersburg adopted the work on the development of the concept of creation and development of infrastructure of yacht tourism in St. Petersburg, performed by the Federal state institution "Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation" (Ranepa) according to the state contract.

Аt the request of Ranepa TEAM has carried out work on the analysis of normative acts and the preparation of proposals for amendments to legislation regulating issues of small-sized, recreational and sports sailing vessels in the interests of developing tourism in St. Petersburg. In addition, TEAM carried out an analysis on the selection of land plots suitable from the point of view of urban planning requirements and property and legal status for the needs of the yacht infrastructure to accommodate yacht ports on them and to determine the optimal order of their provision to investors.

Pavel Belonozhkin, senior lawyer TEAM:

«Within the project work which took over three months, TEAM investigated more than 80 regulatory legal acts, issued about 30 proposals for amending of current legislation and regulations related to the regulation of yachting in Russia in whole and particular for St. Petersburg. 24 land plots and adjacent water areas were investigated for the possibility of building yacht ports and other objects of yacht infrastructure to be placed».

In the process of work, the state customer organized the public Council formed with the representatives of various organizations and enterprises of the yachting sphere. The Council was actively involved in the discussion of the work process and its results. In this way, public access to the work process and its results was organized.

The state customer was satisfied with the work done and the project team which included specialist of Ranepa, TEAM, Ernst and Young and other companies were satisfied with the interaction between each other and the relationships that were built during joint work.

Evgeny Mironov, Chairman of the Board of Directors TEAM:

 «This work is strategically important in the activities of the TEAM group.  TEAM has been working with government agencies of different regions and levels for a long time, but the work done now is largely unprecedented in terms of scale, research topic and quality requirements.

The experience of such work opens up the possibility of implementing similar projects in other regions of the country with the potential for the development of sea or water tourism, both together with a reputable partner, which is Ranepa, and independently».