TEAM supported the cross-border purchase of an airboat

TEAM supported the cross-border purchase of an airboat

The Finnish travel company West Coast RIB Charter, which offers sea tours in Ostrobothnia, has expanded its fleet with the Phantom 750K airboat North. This hovercraft, which can reach speeds of up to 81 knots, allows for exciting water tours all year round.

The airboat purchased by West Coast RIB Charter was manufactured in Siberia. It is powered by a strong Chevrolet V8 engine and is designed for ten people, that is, nine passengers and a driver. The vessel has a heated cabin.

So far, this is the only item sold to Finland. The first agreements on the deal took place in the summer of 2020, and several experts, including from the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, took part in the process.

Legal advice on the transaction was provided by the specialists of the TEAM Consulting Group.

Marina Vitkovskaya, TEAM lawyer: The specificity of the project is that it was carried out during a pandemic and restrictions on international travel. The boat was selected and ordered by the buyer remotely, and the finished copy was accepted by the customer after delivery to Kotka, Finland. The contract was drawn up in such a way that comments on the quality of the goods could be presented after the start of the season and the test of the boat in open water. Payment was made by means of a letter of credit, the terms of which also had to be agreed upon when preparing the contract. It is great that cross-border cooperation continues in the current challenging environment. Hopefully there will soon be an opportunity to visit Finland and try out the boat in the sea!

Source: The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce