TEAM recognized by Best Lawyers 2021

TEAM recognized by Best Lawyers 2021

June 3rd, a list of leading Russin lawyers according to Best Lawyers was published.
We are happy to share this news with you as four of TEAM lawyers were included in this list:

  • Viktor Mironov - for Corporate Law
  • Ilya Trofimov - for Corporate Law
  • Pavel Belonozhkin - for Corporate Law
  • Elizaveta Yakhnovets - for Tax Law

Ilya Trofimov, Head of Legal: “This is a big step for us: it’s important to know that the results of our work are benefitial to our clients but also get a high rating from the outside. In addition, entering the rating for the first time in our twenty-year practice gave us the opportunity to demonstrate ourselves in the international arena"

The rating of Russian lawyers according to Best Lawyers has been published 12 times already. It includes 1670 person which is only 2,5% of the total numbers of Lawyers in Russia. It was important and pleasant for us to get confirmation of the qualification of our company from the oldest international ranking.

Will it somehow affect our daily work? No, it will remain as it always been: we are passionate to each client and partner, dedicated to every issue in order to keep business developing. However, from now on you may proudly declare that your business is attended by one of the best lawyers in Russia!