TEAM for Yakutia Airlines

TEAM for Yakutia Airlines

Сonsulting group TEAM, together with its German partner “Aviation Competence” completed the first stage of the project to improve the efficiency of the Technical complex of Yakutia Airlines JSC.

«Due to this project, TEAM regains its prestigious status as a provider of consulting and management services for aviation enterprises. We have been providing such services since 1996, but in the period from 2013 to 2019 there was a break in aviation-specific projects», - Viktor Mironov, partner.

Yakutia Airlines, owned by the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), has announced a tender for the provision of management services to improve the efficiency of one of the largest and most capital-intensive divisions responsible for aircraft maintenance - the airline's Technical Complex.

Based on the results of procurement procedures, TEAM concluded an agreement with the airline for the provision of consulting services. The implementation of the first stage of the project includes analysis and assessment of the condition, economic and organizational audit of the technical complex of the airline.

TEAM partner Viktor Mironov talks about working on the project.

About Yakutia Airlines

Yakutia Airlines has a significant by Russian standards fleet of aircraft and a wide network of routes, performing the most important function of aviation services for the largest region of Russia - Yakutia. The Sakha Republic is the largest administrative-territorial unit in the world: its territory is larger than Argentina or India, therefore, air communication, both interregional and within the region, is extremely important for Yakutia. This explains the presence of various types of aircraft in the airline's fleet: Boeing 737-800, Superjets, Bombardier. And this, in turn, greatly complicates the already intense processes of technical training and aircraft maintenance. This is the responsibility of the Technical Complex of the airline - a complex production organism that can be defined as one of the leaders in terms of airline costs.

What was the task that TEAM was solving?

The airline's management decided to cut costs and improve the efficiency of its Technical Complex. By the way, the company is headed by the most experienced and, in my opinion, one of the best airline executives in Russia, Mr. Gorbunov. Suffice it to say that he previously successfully managed the first low-cost airlines in the Russian Federation. The task of TEAM is to determine the main shortcomings of the TC and related subdivisions, to assess them in advance, and to determine measures to eliminate the shortcomings (improvements), which should lead to an increase in the efficiency of the TC and reduce the airline's costs.

How did TEAM approach the problem?

It was decided to involve independent professional experts in the field of aircraft maintenance and repair. Such specialists were provided by TEAM, using the professional resources of its long-term partner from Germany. Arthur Miller from Berlin was the main expert and consultant. He investigated the structure of the technical complex, its divisions, identified the problems of engineering and planning, logistics and supplies of spare parts and components. In addition, Artur made a preliminary analysis of the maintenance program and the main contracts for maintenance and supply of spare parts. The analysis identified accounting problems in the technical complex, as well as problems in the use of specific software for maintenance.

What are the results?

As a result of this stage, a list of necessary improvements was identified, the introduction and implementation of which can lead to cost savings of 0.5 billion rubles for the airline. Another important aspect of this work was that it was completely done remotely. Previously, such services were performed only in person and on the basis of the airline: receiving and studying documents, materials and information, numerous interviews with managers and specialists, access to special databases and software, visiting workshops, hangars and warehouses. This method of providing services allowed us to identify the shortcomings of the TC structure, storage, processing and provision of information, communication shortcomings, and other related problems.

Currently, TEAM is negotiating the terms of service for the next stage-the introduction and implementation of improvements that are designed to improve the efficiency of the Yakutia airlines TC.

Photo: Yakutia Airlines