Summertime Kino&Teatr Festival

Summertime Kino&Teatr Festival

TEAM supported Summertime Kino&Teatr Festival which takes place in Gostiny dvor from August 28 to 30. Viktor Mironov talks about the Summertime Kino & Teatr Festival and TEAM's participation in the event.

The past six months have let us down: these were not what we expected in the beginning of the year. This time was filled with worries about the health of closed ones, failed plans, and uncertainty of the future. We learned to change our habits and give up what we had never imagined life without.

At the Consulting Group TEAM, we value tradition very much. One of these traditions is to watch a movie in Angleterre Cinema Lounge with family, friends and clients.

We are glad that great cinema is returning to our city after a long sleep. And we are proud that this great event contains a part of our work: lawyers, accountants, consultants.

We welcome those in whose honor this festival will take place - those who care about our health, save lives and risk their own. Let this bright event be a drop in the sea of gratitude to medical workers, real heroes of this holiday. Go to the cinema - together!

You can buy tickets for the screenings on the Summertime Kino&Teatr Festival website.

Photo: Yandex.Maps