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Of course, a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit. But our experience shows that often persistence and confidence in the remedies are the key to resolve the contradictions. The trial is a universal measure of lawyer’s quality. A lawyer, who is afraid to deal with the court when it is reasonable and justified, is a bad lawyer.

Over the years, TEAM experts accumulated considerable experience in legal representation and arbitration of disputes in various categories:

  • Commercial disputes on the implementation of the obligations arising from treaties and non-contractual obligations. Disputes on the supply agreements, contracts, including construction, leasing, service contracts, etc.;
  • Corporate disputes, including disputes between shareholders (members) of companies associated with establishment, management, or withdrawal from the company;
  • Disputes arising from administrative legal relations. Cases concerning challenges to acts, acts and omissions of public authorities;
  • Tax disputes, including cases concerning challenges to acts of tax authorities, tax refund;
  • Labor disputes and disputes arising from the employment relationship. Disputes relating to the use of agency labor and outstaffing;
  • Representing clients in bankruptcy cases. Our experts have experience in most of the jurisdictional bodies and organs of the North-West Russia.

The unique experience and comprehensive approach enables us to offer flexible solutions for the order and conditions of service delivery.

Depending on the case type and circumstances , we offer the following approaches of paying:

  • Time payment (based on the actual work of TEAM lawyers involved in rendering of services);
  • Fixed cost of doing business, including fee based on success;
  • Subscriber support with the fixed cost of doing business in a month (in case of a few court cases to a single client).

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