Support for real estate transactions

Land and real estate transactions support - one of the oldest activities of TEAM. We use a proven methodology and approaches, which are based on an understanding of the realities of legal knowledge and practical aspects of this activity, necessary for the efficient delivery of services in this area.

We provide legal advice and practical support and assistance on key issues related to real estate and construction:

  • Buying and selling real estate, including acquisition of land rights;
  • Legal due diligence of fixed property;
  • Support investment projects in real estate and construction "from scratch";
  • Consulting in the field of infrastructure;
  • Conducting real estate transactions (sale, lease, mortgage, etc.);
  • Development, modification and termination of contracts relating to immovable property;
  • Disputes on construction and real estate.

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Ilya Trofimov

Head of legal practice

85, Sredniy pr. Vasilevskiy Island, 199406

+7 812 336 48 52

+7 (812) 336 48 54

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