Calculation and payment of salaries and taxes

Calculation and payroll - one of the most important parts of the accounting and taxation. The special feature about such procedures is neccessity of the rules-based document management, making a number of documents (report cards, schedules of staff time, orders, and various domestic orders). Shift or irregular working schedule, overtime work and weekends greatly complicate difficult algorithm for calculating wages. Traditionally, calculation of wages is one of the most labor-intensive process of accounting, often even in relatively small companies, this work is carried out by the individual accountant.

TEAM experience is more than 15 years of monthly payroll for hundreds of employees - customers. We use the most effective ways of automation in this sphere, and our employees have all the relevant knowledge of the law and practice of relations regulation in this sphere. Outsourcing payroll is possible both in the external accounting services as a whole, and as a self-service.

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