Recruitment of foreign employees

You are not a citizen of Russia, opening a business would lead directly to them, benefiting from a favorable tax regime? For your project needs people with unique competencies that have only foreign expert?Do you want to absolve themselves of responsibility for compliance with formalities related to registration of foreign employees, and to avoid the risk of paying large fines for minor immigration violations?

Russian legislation provides for a rather complex system of measures necessary for the conclusion of an employment contract with a foreigner, and to ensure their legal stay in Russia. The penalty for failure to comply with numerous formalities small - from a large fine to the actual impossibility of attracting the right employees.

Your choice - TEAM:

We offer a variety of approaches that will allow you to get from cooperation with foreign experts without time losses and risks. Outsourcing of functions related to the registration of a foreigner in your company, or the complete withdrawal of the employee from the staff to the employment in the company of our group - any of our solutions at your disposal!

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