Representation in tax authorities and tax planning

Relations with tax authorities are important in financial activity of the company in Russia. Usually an accountant too ""autonomous"" in their work and the head only ""after the fact"" know about the amount of taxes that must be paid without delay, postponement of the VAT refund from the budget or the suspension of operations on the account due to the failure to provide the requested tax documents.

We will be glad to offer you the following services in the field of tax consulting:

  • advising on existing taxes, the practice of tax rules, the tax accounting;
  • Representation in tax and customs authorities on the various categories of issues;
  • Representing clients during tax audits, preparation of objections (explanations) for the acts of a tax audit and participate in their consideration of the tax authorities;
  • Challenge the decision to attract customers to justice;
  • Litigation Tax Disputes;
  • Tax planning and optimization of business, business planning;
  • Development and analysis of investment projects, the structure of share ownership schemes and activities with the calculation of the tax consequences.

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