Legal documents a website should have

Legal documents a website should have

At first glance it may seem difficult, but in reality, the site should contain all the same documents that are used in real life. Our experts have compiled a list to make it easier for you to navigate.

1. Company Details

Like the sign on the office door, the company's details on the website make it clear to users who they are dealing with.

2. User Agreement

It applies to all visitors and users of the site and establishes the order of interaction with the site. Usually, the user agreement includes the wording: "By continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms of this agreement." This is enough to establish rights and obligations of the parties at this stage. We recommend avoiding to include provisions of the public offer agreement, which is discussed down below, in user agreement.

3. Privacy Policy

It is a document that informs a user about how and for what purposes you use their personal data and how you ensure their confidentiality. This document is of the utmost importance and absolutely cannot be neglected!

4. Public Offer Agreement

When selling goods or services through the site, you must publish and familiarize the buyer with the terms of the contract. This is the same as signing a contract in the office, but instead of signing a "checkmark" is used. If the buyer does not agree with any of the provisions of the contract, then they have an option not to decline transaction.

5. Consent to the Processing of Personal Data

When processing personal data without obtaining consent you are subject to a fine of up to 75 thousand rubles. To obtain consent, it is sufficient that a buyer deliberately places a tick in a relevant box. Therefore, automatic placement of such tick is strongly discouraged.

6. Cookie Notice

Sometimes you may see a notification about the use of cookies in a personal data processing policy, but strictly speaking, cookies are not personal data, so it is better to separate them.

We are happy to help you draw up the necessary documents for your website or conduct an audit of existing ones :) Contact us!