Edward Latypov

Member of the board of directors

Office: St. Petersburg (Russia)

85, Sredniy pr. Vasilevskiy Island, 199406

+7 (812) 336 48 52

+7 (812) 336 48 54



  • Leningrad State University


  • Values good personal relations with customers and partners. He says that his goal is the attraction of professionals and the appropriate job distribution among them.
  • Appreciates his colleagues for their ability to work, listen carefully, look at problems from different angles, self-control and optimism.
  • Considers it to be important to achieve mutual understanding and good contact with customers.
  • Shows respect for them for a proactive stance and thanks for interesting communication.
  • Always takes into account circumstances and the particularities of each customer.
  • Understands how to look at any problem originally and easily breaks common stereotypes and
  • Knows the engine of the consulting company is a desire to help.
  • Does not change his loyalties and lives on the principle - "To live on uncommon level, not to be bored ."
  • Likes: family, work, friends and football. Dislikes: rudeness, dishonesty and panic.