Corporate Project Management system

Corporate Project Management system:

  • Representing the owner, through participation in the management of the company.
    Participation in the work of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly as an independent board member.
  • The annual report of the executive body of the company.
    Organization and preparation of the annual report to be srepresented to the supreme governing body and publishing.
  • An independent audit of the administrative documentation and reporting.
    Audit and revision of the administrative documentation and reporting for the business owner. Conclusions on the condition of management and actions of management.
  • Examination of the investment plan. Decisions on investments.
    Analysis and assessment of investment proposals, conclusions and recommendations in making investment decisions.
  • Algorithm for management decision-making.
    Audit of procedures for management decision-making "as it is". Production processes properly. Recommendations on the implementation, development of procedures.
  • Key performance indicators of the company / business units.
    Determination of the optimal performance Indicators of the company in general, and subdivision in particular, to improve profitability, control and motivation.
  • Analysis of KPI achievements, conclusions, recommendations.
  • Monitoring the implementation of orders and decisions.
    Analysis of the performance of the decisions by the managers and employees. The conclusions, recommendations.

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