Legal representation

Lawyer are sometimes very close to doctors: it is safer and cheaper to prevent legal problems on early stage rather then manage the case when the touble has came. Based on this analogy, we propose to follow the example of our customers by purchasing "legal insurance" or pick up a "family lawyer" from TEAM.

Every business is unique, but most of the legal issues that arise while working in Russia, are typical. The internal quality control system helps to divide the tasks between professionals of different authorities, to optimize client’s costs. Our experience of ready-made solutions and high production processes is the guarantee of a competitive cost level of our services.

We do not take advantages of the difficulties, which our customers face. Prosperity of your business is the reason for your our success. We have decades of experience on the market, understanding of the Russian legal realities and practice of doing business. Our approach is to be focused on customer and his needs. These gives us the opportunity to say that TEAM is the right choice for your business!

We offer:

  • Take full responsibility for the legal security of your business;
  • Competitive pricing, based on proper internal processes and experiences of ready-made solutions;
  • Flexible approach to the payment system focused to the interests of the client.

Contract for legal support is a legal insurance for your business!

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Ilya Trofimov

Head of legal practice

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