Ilya Trofimov, Consulting Group TEAM: How to finish successfully in the Largest Russian Marathon

Ilya Trofimov, Consulting Group TEAM: How to finish successfully in the Largest Russian Marathon

Ilya Trofimov, Consulting Group TEAM: How to finish successfully in the Largest Russian Marathon

To achieve career heights, maintaining a balance between professional activity and your favorite hobby is the destiny of those who really know how to manage their time and energy. Ilya Trofimov, head of the legal consulting department and member of the board of directors of TEAM Consulting Group, told us about the experience of participating in the most popular Russian race, about how sport helps to be a successful specialist in the international legal field.

Ilya, how long have you been working in the TEAM`s team? For you personally, is work only a job, or is it a business with which your life and interests are closely related? Everything that happens in the office remains in the office?

I am with TEAM for more than 5 years. Of course, over the years, working for the company has become something more than just a profession. It is impossible to become a really cool specialist if you don’t “live” your business. And in this case, whether you want it or not, it comes into your life, becoming a huge part of it. And almost inseparable. It suits me because I love what I do.

 Is working in TEAM a team sport or a single sport? Do you need the support of colleagues or do you feel more comfortable where leadership qualities come first and is it important to rely solely on yourself?

100% team based. Each project is a collaboration with colleagues. We gather, discuss, support each other and move forward together. Therefore, it is especially valuable that reliable people are nearby.

This year (September 22) you took part in the Absolute Moscow Marathon for the first time, having run a distance of 42.2 km. Tell us a little more about how it was. How did you set yourself up? Did you worry about the race?

For me, participating in a marathon is a new experience that I have come to exclusively on my own. I’ve conducted the training on his own. The emotional attitude plays a huge role. Of course, there was an excitement - like any athlete performing for the first time in a new environment. But standing at the start, surrounded by other marathon runners (many of whom were much more experienced), I realized that there was no way back - you shouldn’t give slack, and I must do everything what I am capable of.

A marathon is not just a sports race. It's a kind of cleansing, rebooting. My task is to reach the finish line with the best possible result. This approach – life in the moment "here and now" - is a great way to rise above unnecessary experiences, doubts.

How difficult was the test?

Coincidentally, the level of difficulty was immediately increased: terrible weather, strong wind with snow and rain, a large number of climbs. Through 25 kilometers after start ran already through force, body refused move forward, the brain demanded stop. At such moments, I tried to be distracted, to suppress these feelings - after all, most of the way was already behind me. You just clench your teeth and keep running. The support of the fans and the participants themselves helped a lot. I crossed the finish line shouting "I DID it!"- emotions went through the roof.

Now, having gone through the race, what could you say to those who wanted but did not dare to participate?

Get ready and try yourself! This is a colossal test of yourself-your character and will. The main and most difficult fight is always a fight with yourself. At the end you get a huge incentive for further development and overcoming new tests.

What running experience do you have?

Less than six months. I started running in May, ran 10 km, it seemed that it was easy, and I began to train a lot. In August, I made 21.1 km in St. Petersburg, and on September 22 - already a Marathon. I prepared myself, ran a lot. Experienced people say that you need to prepare for a marathon for at least a year and a half, it took me less than six months, but it’s better not to do that way - everyone has a different body.

What achievements, if we talk about your life in general, are you proud of today?

I found a balance between sports, work and the rest of my life. All these are inextricable parts of me, I exist in this. I don’t share successes in professional and sports, I give all my best, for which I undertake - whether it be a marathon or a new project.

What sport did you “take” to your profession? And vice versa - did your professional skills come in handy in sports?

As in sports, in my work it is very important to have self-confidence. The ability to go to the end, tempering character - of the same kind, everything was useful in the races and in the career.

Do you have a desire to repeat the Moscow marathon?

Will I participate again? Definitely yes. I will work on improving my own result. However, I can say that this is not the only thing that matters. Enjoying the process is extremely important to me. The thrill is in preparation, and in anticipation, and in the race. And this is what I wish everyone who is going to participate in the next contests!