How to win a court case?

How to win a court case?

On November 16, 2017 one of the largest Russian universities - National research University Higher school of Economics Saint Petersburg held a CAREER LAW DAY. Leading companies of the city, providing legal services, attended this event.

Margarita Ignatova, senior lawyer of TEAM, and Ilya Trofimov, Head of legal of TEAM, held a master class entitled "Key factors of the successful completion of a trial" specifically for students and graduates specializing in law.

Senior lawyer of TEAM, Margarita Ignatova: «The topic of our presentation is very relevant under conditions of yearly growing number of court cases. I believe that such events are extremely useful for future professionals, and we are grateful to alma mater for this opportunity».

During the discussion TEAM representatives shared their experience and knowledge with young professionals who have yet to try their hand in this field, and also spoke with students about opportunities for internships in the company.