How to fill out new FTS application forms: changes of November 2020.

How to fill out new FTS application forms: changes of November 2020.

Sole entrepreneurs, legal entities, commercial and non-commercial organizations are often faced with the need to change information in the registers: EGRUL and EGRIP. Each of them will be affected by the new order of the Federal Tax Service, which entered into force on November 25, 2020.

This document approves new application forms related to registration of sole entrepreneurs, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, making amendments to registers, etc.

What has changed?

  • Applications Р13001 and Р14001 (amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL), related or not related to constituent documents) are combined into a single form Р13014;
  • It is no longer required to indicate in applications the addresses and contact details of individuals (members and directors);
  • Forms Р11001 and Р13014 were added an option to specify a corporate agreement, the choice of the standard charter forms and the conditions for exercising the powers of several persons acting without the power of attorney of a legal entity (jointly or independently);
  • In the same forms, it is now an obligation to put in details from the Federal Information Address System (FIAS) and the municipality where the legal entity is located;
  • Specification of addresses in these forms must comply with the Rules for the abbreviated naming of address-forming elements.
  • How to fill out?

    To draw up an application, the Federal Tax Service recommends using the document preparation program developed by the Main Scientific Innovation and Implementation Center (GNIVC). The program checks the correctness of filling out the documents and signals the user about errors. Regular updates help you take into account the current application forms and the requirements for filling them out. The program is synchronized with the FIAS data.

    You can download the software on the official website -

    Correct filling of the required application forms for state registration will significantly save you time and money when re-submitting the package of documents.

    To make changes to the registers, you can always contact TIM, and we will be happy to complete this task for you.