How the authorities can help business survive the crisis

How the authorities can help business survive the crisis

Comments for Kommersant St. Petersburg on the topic "How the authorities can help businesses survive the crisis" were given by Viktor Mironov, Managing Director of the TEAM Group Consulting.

"Now they talk a lot about support measures and almost always mean tax breaks, benefits, deferrals and distribution of money. This is the traditional way to throw money at the problem. Nevertheless, in our opinion, the government would greatly help business if it simplifies administrative procedures wherever possible and introduce a notification procedure, including in matters of taxation. I mean the case when officials say: "Work, earn money, save jobs and help the economy, and we will not strangle and nightmare you."

We have already seen that this approach is possible: during anti-coronavirus campaigns, business had a real opportunity to ask questions and receive prompt answers and comments from government officials. It would be great if this practice continues in the future."

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Source: Kommersant Saint Petersburg