How cinemas survived the quarantine

How cinemas survived the quarantine

We do not miss the opportunity to mention that the Kino & Teatr Foundation is a TEAM client :) Stanislav Ershov, Head of Angleterre Cinema Lounge spoke about the quarantine and plans for the nearest future.

Stanislav, what did you do during the quarantine, when the cinema was closed?

Despite the quarantine, the schedule was very busy: there was not enough time, as usual.

First, we have completed a joint work with France on a documentary film by Bertrand Normand. The film is dedicated to the world opera star Yevgeny Nikitin. We hope for a successful festival destiny and release next year. Secondly, we put things in order in current affairs and "papers on the table", as they say.

In addition, I took part in important events of the film industry: EuropaCinema, the event of the Association of Cinemas Owners, the Cannes Film Festival and other events. Unfortunately, all of them were held in a virtual format. I must admit that all the discussions basically ended with… it is clear with what :) On the other hand, the experts were unanimous that online will never beat traditional releases in the foreseeable future. On my own behalf, I can say that online is not enough for me, and in a practical sense, it is ineffective. Therefore, I look forward to the beginning of live human contact, including at my Angleterre Cinema Lounge.

There is some good news as well. I watched a huge number of outstanding old and new films, some of them anew. Every day there was a new opera broadcast from MET (over 100 performances in total!). I arranged for myself to walk 10 kilometers at a sports pace along the coast of the Gulf of Finland (in complete isolation). And with the opening of the season - outdoor tennis, also by the way absolute isolation in singles!

When will the first movie screening take place?

The date of the first show at the Angleterre Cinema Lounge is still unknown, but I think that the real date is the beginning of August.

We plan to work in the same mode and will do our best to ensure the safety of our spectators: seating, disinfection, masks, etc. We will follow all the requirements of the authorities.

Our traditional Kino & Teatr Choice festival in Kotka shifts to December, following the Window to Europe in Vyborg, but .... There is one open air idea for August in the center of St. Petersburg: we are waiting for dark evenings, which is important to ensure high-quality screening of films in the open air. I'll keep all the details a secret except one: it will be cool! So follow the schedule of sessions and events on our website and our groups on facebook and VKontakte!