Housewarming party of Consulting Group TEAM

Housewarming party of Consulting Group TEAM

This April Consulting group TEAM have moved to a new office. On July 30 we invited our closest partners and customers to join the office presentation party dedicated to International Day of Friendship.

More than 50 friends came to visit TEAM. Not only nice food and beverage for any taste, but also an exciting program was prepared for them.

The evening was opened by welcome speeches from the Chairman of the Board of TEAM and the presentation "TEAM 2019: The New History" by Managing Director.

The headliners of the informal part of the evening were Igor Meerson and Alexander Golubkov – the founders of the stand-up school, who held a master class on improvisation: how to build an exciting communication and use humor in life and negotiations. The guests invented, composed, improvised, joked and laughed a lot.

Particularly popular was the Wine Casino, where everyone could try wines and, by betting, guess the grape variety and country. At the end of the evening, the final battle took place, according to the results of which the most successful and prepared ones received gifts from the organizers.

This has not been without intellectual component: a lecture on artificial intelligence and the use of AI technologies in small business was given by Alexandra Shirshova, an Arabist and linguist-developer.

Viktor Mironov, Managing Director of TEAM:

Since the new office is a new home not only for our company and employees, but also for our customers, we wanted to share our joy with all. For some time we have been preparing and equipping ourselves and now we are proud to present the new premises and, in the place with it, we hope, the updated TEAM!

Thanks to everyone who attended the event. We are always glad to see our customers and partners in our office, which is now, located in the New History complex at the address: 85, Middle Avenue V.O., St. Petersburg.