Hero Race - the test of the strongest.

Hero Race - the test of the strongest.

TEAM employees for the second time took part in the Russian team extreme obstacle race named “Hero Race”, which was held on June 22, 2019 at the Pesochnensky range.

Despite the scorching sun and sandstorm, four fighters of the TEAM club (Ilya Trofimov, Ivan Kosterin, Valeria Britikova and Anna Stepanova), together with the TEAM`s client Alexey Shamayev, overcame the heroic distance of mud, water and 34 obstacles about 11 km long in just 3 hours . As a reward, the heroes got a soldier's buckwheat, commemorative tokens and a stock of impressions for the whole year.

Ignatova Margarita, Yakhnovets Elizaveta and Dogadina Julia, who actively supported colleagues in the fan zone, followed the success of the team.

TEAM employees have once again proved that they are capable of feats not only in the professional arena, but also at the military training ground.

Preparation for the “Hero Race 2020” is announced!