Financial planning and management

Financial planning and management:

  • Industrial and financial plan of the company for the year in blocks:
    marketing and sales, production, staff, finance, and other material resources,investments.
  • Financial and economic argumentation of investment in the project
  • Multipurpose analysis of the company,
    Based on financial and economic model of assessment of efficiency.
  • Analysis and assessment of the accounting system in the company
  • Organization the best choice of credit offers, document preparation and argumentation for getting loans.
  • Organization the best offers in finance lease, preparation of documents andargumentation for the conclusion of the contract.
  • Consulting in financial support for entrepreneurs. Organizing the process of obtaining grants and benefits.
  • Consulting in "portfolio investment", operations with block of shares and market trends.
  • CFO services. Interim- management. An experienced financial manager for a certain period of time adjust a system of financial management and planning in the company.

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