Electric Scooter Riders Restrictions

Electric Scooter Riders Restrictions

Over the past year, electric scooters has become the most popular means of transportation, in major cities they can be taken on a short-term lease at almost every corner.

However, intensive use of the new type of transport is far ahead of the current traffic rules, in which scooters are equated to pedestrians. At the moment, traffic rules do not contain rules governing the speed of movement, the permissible age of use and mandatory equipment for such type of vehicles.

In addition, most of the scooter riders do not have the necessary driving skills, as they rent scooters for a short term, and the speed of electric scooters can reach up to 60 km / h, thus, the number of accidents and injuries has sharply increased with the participation of both the riders of electric scooters and pedestrians.

In this regard, the State Duma is considering a bunch of amendments to the traffic rules, which should be adopted in the nearest future.

It is now known that the following initiatives are being negotiated and approved:

  • a new concept of "means of individual mobility" (SIM) is introduced, which means "a device with one or more wheels (rollers), designed to move a person through the use of an electric motor(s) and (or) human muscle energy (roller skates, scooters), electric scooters, skateboards, electric skateboards, gyro scooters, segways, unicycle and other similar means), except for bicycles and wheelchairs."
  • equating electric scooters with a speed of more than 25 km/h to mopeds, for which you need a driver's license;
  • setting the maximum permissible speed on the carriageway - no more than 25 km/h;
  • the speed of movement in pedestrian zones is set, which should be equal to the speed of human traffic, while pedestrians will have an advantage;
  • riding on highways is prohibited;
  • carriage of passengers is prohibited;
  • children under 7 years old when riding are required to wear a helmet and reflective elements, it is also recommended to do so for adults;
  • all devices must be equipped with reflective elements or headlights.

Until these amendments are adopted, each region independently tries to limit the speed of electric scooters and encourages rental services to set automatic restrictions on all available scooters.

It seems that the traffic rules of the SIM should be regulated and lie within the legal framework of traffic rules. But in addition to making amendments, it is necessary to work out and equip the urban infrastructure for changing living conditions, so that movement is not only safe, but also comfortable for all road users.

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