Consequences of bribery of beauty contest juries

Consequences of bribery of beauty contest juries

Illegal influence on the results of beauty contests is subject to punishment under criminal law. Article 184 of the Criminal Code covers not only the jury members themselves, but also the persons who carry out bribery, as well as the organizers of the competition, its participants and intermediaries.

What is considered a bribe?

  1. Transfer of money, securities and other property
  2. Provision of any services of a property nature
  3. Granting other property rights

What is the punishment for the influence on the results of the competition?

The extent of liability depends on the person being punished and their role in the crime. Bribery by an organized group will result in harsher penalties than for an offender acting alone.

The maximum possible consequences for such crime are the following:

  1. A fine of up to 1 million rubles
  2. Community service with deprivation of the right to engage in activities and hold a position of office
  3. Confinement for up to 7 years

Bribery is difficult to practically prove. It is necessary for the bribed person to receive at least a part of the property or use the services offered. Difficulty in distinguishing bribery from charity or sponsorship makes it even more complicated. The first is exclusively for gift purposes. Sponsorship requires fact finding that the person who received the remuneration participated in implementation of marketing functions.

In some cases, it is possible to avoid prosecution for bribery of the jury. For example, for helping the investigation or voluntarily reporting the crime, as well as for the established fact of extortion.