Outstaffing is very useful and proper for companies listed below:

  • Manufacturing and trading companies, which products have a seasonal demand (for beverages, ice cream, pharmaceuticals, etc.).
  • Companies which offer qualified and high competent services that are seasonal or project(airlines, travel agencies, large-scale carriers, promotional and marketing companies, IT-companies, banking, construction companies, etc.).
  • Firms that use a large amount of unskilled labor (construction companies, manufacturers of consumer goods, automobiles).
  • Companies that use the shift method works (mining sector).
  • Companies that plan in the near future the strategic reconstruction business.

What professions are the most popular in outstaffing

  • Engineers and programmers;
  • IT specialists;
  • Accountants.

Why is outstaffing useful and beneficial

Economic benefits

  • Savings on taxes (the ability to obtain or retain the status of small business);
  • Financial savings in the company reducing the number of staff wages from 2 to 6 for each employee.

Administrative benefits

  • Reduction of the administrative and accounting burden (there is no need to establish staff card account,calculate wages, issue certificates,communicate with the trade unions, etc.);
  • Flexibility in the work with personnel;
  • Ability to ensure end-to-end work in the enterprise (seasonal staff or necessary personnel for projects can proceed immediately to a familiar work if there is sudden need);
  • Keeping the direct leadership of staff;
  • Provision of staff after a downsizing of the state supports the company's positive image in the eyes of employees.

Legal benefits

  • Legal benefits;
  • Lack of commitment to labor relations with the employees;
  • No risk of separation.

Legal and social security staff

  • Ensuring continuity of staff seniority;
  • Providing social security for the staff prompts.

How does the outstaffing work

In the case of outstaffing, the company provider (autstraffer - LLC ""Team-Staffing"") is the formal employer of the employees of the company and the customer assumes full legal and financial responsibility for them.

The service package includes:

  • Monthly calculation and payment of wages;
  • Opening of an individual bank account to transfer the employee wages;
  • Calculation and payment of temporary disability benefits and compensation for vacation travel expense processing;
  • Calculation and payment of all compulsory payments (income and social taxes);
  • Providing all necessary accounting reference;
  • Preparation of accounting reports;
  • Maintenance of personnel document relating to the employment officer;
  • Conducting various personnel procedures in accordance with labor laws;
  • Termination of employment with the employee on request;
  • Monthly report to the client about the work don.

Stages of services implementation on enterprise:

  • Signing a contract with the company outstaffer (OOO ""Team-Staffing""). Enclosed to the agreement lists displayed employees with their personal data, a description of the functions, responsibilities and compensation.;
  • Specified employees in the contract are transfered to the outstaffer (OOO ""Team-Staffing"");
  • Every employee is conducted an employment contract;
  • Next outstaffer (OOO ""Team-Staffing"") direct employees to the customer's company;
  • During work specialists,derived from the staff pass all current documents, certificates, etc., directly to outstaffer (OOO ""Team-Staffing""), which is now their actual employer;
  • Monthly outtstaffer (OOO ""Team-Staffing"") passes to the customer progress reports, which form an invoice.Bill for services includes salaries of retired employees.

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