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  • Proudly serving the clients since 1992;
  • Highly qualified team;
  • Over 500 satisfied national and international clients;
  • Our priority - quality and effectiveness;
  • Our goal - minimizing Your costs & maximizing Your benefits.

History of the company TEAM

At the dawn of the Russian market economy in 1992 the employers of the North-west transport public prosecution Yevgeny Mironov and Sergei Turov decided to start their own business and create a law office "TEAM Arkhangelsk". The company’s name "TEAM" was formed from the first letters of the abbreviation of the names of its founders - Lawyers S.Turov and E. Mironov.

July 7, 1995: The Law Office "TEAM Arkhangelsk" obtained a license to provide paid legal services.

Late 1995: Edward Latypov accepted Yevgeny Mironov’s offer to register Petersburg office of the TEAM consulting company.

October 1, 1996: The Registration Chamber of St. Petersburg registered non-profit partnership law office “Petersburg TEAM”. “Petersburg TEAM” office was opened at 6, Inostranniy pereylok. Thus, in fact, a group of consulting companies was created with offices in Archangelsk and St. Petersburg, united by partnership "Legal group TEAM". As time went on, more projects were successfully completed, the number of customers grew and their trust in TEAM strengthened. The name of TEAM is a reflection of the values of the company and its approach towards its clients: We want to work as a team and will be a reliable partner.

In late 2003: Viktor Mironov began practicing law. Nowadays, he directs the legal department and consulting course, responsible for the legal and accounting services of TEAM.

April 2004: Consulting Group TEAM moved into a new modern office at 18, Bolshoy Prospect V.O, the company, "Legal group Team" was transformed into LLC “Consulting Group TEAM”. 2005: Viktor Melnik joined TEAM. Thanks to his unique knowledge and initiatives, TEAM began to develop IT solutions and information systems focused on assisting the management of enterprises.

September 2012 TEAM has celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company brand name and business history. More than 50 guests and clients have arrived for celebration from different places of Russia and abroad countries. The result of the jubilee year and the company's achievements during it's existence was entering into the company of it's shareholders from Finland Petteri Valkonen and Juha Narinen. TEAM became an international company.

In 2013, the long-standing TEAM partner, lawyer Oleg Grigoryev joint the team. Taganka opened Moscow office of TEAM specializing in corporate legal services, the deal M & A, intellectual property protection and patent examination.

In 2015 it was completed a long but very important process- forces of the TEAM Moscow office was issued the certificate of registration of the trademark TEAM. Now we have the full right to claim that TEAM - is a brand! Mark of the quality of services, customer confidence and stability in the business, confirmed more than twenty years of experience on the market.

Cooperation with international companies

The fall of 1996: the first major contract was signed in the history of the St. Petersburg TEAM office with a foreign company. The first Western customer became LLC “Petromaks ""- a subsidiary Finnish company “Kuusakoski Oy”.

1999: OAO Svetogorsk, owned by American company "International Paper", concluded the lease agreement with TEAM personnel - translators. This contract was the first out staffing contract.

July 2001: Ivan Kolpakov began his work in the Consulting Group TEAM. Since then, the company began to develop new area of activity: management consulting. TEAM concluded the contract with OAO “Henkel Era "" on the temporary out staffing. During the cooperation from 2001 to 2009, TEAM provided the client with more than 1500 employees.

2003: 10 people were in “Petersburg TEAM” staff. Clients who applied to “Petersburg TEAM” in 2003 amounted to 17 enterprises. Edward Latypov established the accounting department.

October 1, 2003: the first accounting services contract was signed with the Danish engineering company dk-TEKNIK ENERGI & MILJO (nowadays “Force Technology”).

Late 2003: Viktor Mironov began the law practice. Nowadays, he directs the legal department and consulting course, responsible for legal and accounting services of TEAM.

April 2004: Consulting Group TEAM moved into a new modern office at 18, Bolshoy Prospect V.O, the company, "Legal group Team" was transformed into LLC “Consulting Group TEAM”.

2005: The trainee Viktor Melnik came, thank to his unique knowledge and initiative, the TEAM began to develop a department of IT solutions and information systems in the management of enterprises.

July 2005: Edward Latypov became the director of TEAM. Clients who applied to LLC “CG TEAM"" in 2006, amounted to 38 enterprises. In order to start the project with “NCR”, TEAM run the Consulting Agency PROTO with the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce.

November 2006: LLC PROTO (subsidiary company of “CG TEAM”) with the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce arranged a visit of businessmen of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region to the Russian national exhibition in Beijing. Clients who applied to LLC “CG Team"" in 2007 amounted to 50 enterprises.

April 12, 2008: “Consulting Group TEAM"" acquired the status of Microsoft Certified Partner. According to 2008 year results “Consulting Group TEAM"" won the Leningrad Chamber of Commerce competition "Business, developing region" in the nomination "The introduction of IT technologies in business". Clients who applied to LLC "CG Team" in 2008, amounted to 70 companies, most of them - enterprises with foreign investment.

July 2009: the Consulting Group "Team" with the All-Russian union supporters, the Russian Football Union and the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg organized a football tournament "Football unites" in which a team of Russian businessmen visited the city of Kotka and Helsinki, where they met with local teams of entrepreneurs. These activities took place within the program of Finnish year in St Petersburg.

March 2010: The company formed the Board of Directors, which сonsisted of Ivan Kolpakov, Edward Latypov, Yevgeny Mironov, and Victor Mironov. The Board Chairman became Yevgeny Mironov, who established the company with his partners in 1992.

April 2011: During the annual meeting of TEAM Victor Mironov was appointed to a position of managing director. More than 500 Russian and foreign enterprises are now our clients.We thank our customers for their trust!

In 2003, TEAM signed its first contract to provide accounting services - and again the first customer was a foreign company DK-Teknik (Denmark). In the following years the customers of TEAM accounting service department consisted more and more of foreign companies which were introduced to the Russian market and to Russian projects.

Due to the large number of positive customer reviews and the establishment of relations with regional business development agencies, TEAM gained access to a strong pool of Finnish clients - subsidiaries and representative offices. Together we have been able to provide support to the activities of many foreign companies in Russia.

In 2008 Consulting Group TEAM acquired the status of Microsoft Certified Partner. TEAM’s subsidiary TEAM -Management solutions is specialized in the automation of project management, and the implementation of Microsoft Project Server.

In 2015, TEAM realized a project on a new level - in cooperation with LADEC, a business development agency from Lahti (Finland), TEAM started working on promoting new water technologies in Russia, these innovations were offered by companies in the region of Paijat-Hame, united in the group FinCleanTech. Working with foreign companies is a great experience and a great responsibility. We are grateful to our clients for their trust and believe that our cooperation is the best proof of the competence of our professionals and the quality of TEAM’s services!

Board of directors

The company is managed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience.

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