About work record e-books

About work record e-books

Companies have not started to work with work record e-books: 2020 is a transition period. Employers make employees get acquainted with a new opportunity, collect applications and issuing workbooks to those employees who chose the electronic option.

That is why it is too early to tell any impressions.

However, in our opinion, the biggest problem is that you can refuse a paper work record book only once. This means that you cannot change your mind once switched to the electronic version. This is why, in our practice, no one has given up on paper version. People will wait a couple of years, look at the "pioneers" and make a choice later in case if it's really convenient.

The reason is that citizens do not believe that when the time comes for retirement, electronic data will not be lost, and it will not be necessary to prove the fact of work in any other way. Even the most advanced employees want to leave everything as it is… "just in case".

Advantages for employers are announced to be reduced paperwork and, as a result, costs. However, a new type of reporting is being introduced, information on admission and dismissal must be submitted in a timely manner, so this advantage can be called dubious.

But despite all the above, we are confident that after some time electronic workbooks will enter our lives. This should be very convenient: employees will get quick access to information about their work and will be able to control the correctness of information about it. In addition, this innovation will simplify remote employment.

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