A New Procedure for Maintaining Employment Record Books

A New Procedure for Maintaining Employment Record Books

A series of changes in the employment record book workflow began in 2019, and despite the fact that employees voluntarily switched to electronic workbooks in 2020, paper employment record books in their usual format are still in circulation.

Note that from January 01, 2021, for new employees applying for a job for the first time, the employer is obliged to draw up not a paper, but an electronic employment record book

At the same time, this year, on May 19, the Ministry of Labor issued an order establishing a new procedure for maintaining and storing paper employment record books.

According to that new order, starting from September 1:
  • it is possible to enter information about the work activity of remote workers, but in order to do so it is necessary to independently submit (or send by registered mail with notification) an employment record book to the employer;
  • it is possible, upon dismissal of an employee, to certify entries in the employment record book not only with the seal of the organization, but also with the seal of the personnel department (if any);
  • the employer is given the opportunity to independently develop forms of books (log books) for employment record books, but taking into account the current requirements: books must be numbered, laced, certified by the signature of the sole entrepreneur or the head of the organization, and the seal of the organization (if any);
  • the obligation of the employer to familiarize the employee against signature in the personal card with each entry made in the employment record book, as well as the need to certify (termination of the employment contract) all entries made in the employment record book during work with this employer with the signature of the employee upon his dismissal, is cancelled;
  • the obligation to affix with a wax seal or a seal the income and expense book and the logbook for employment record books is canceled
  • it is allowed to make entries in employment record books by affixing a stamp or using a printout, however, the prohibition on the use of abbreviations remains;
  • the section "Maintaining work books" is canceled and new ones are introduced: "Filling in information about an employee", "Filling out information about rewarding", "Filling out information about work";
  • it is now an obligation to make a record of the employee's bonuses in the section "Filling in the information about the award".

If you still have questions about the procedure for maintaining and filling out the employee record books, feel free to contact TEAM, where you will always be provided with qualified assistance on this matter!